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Barron County, Wisconsin -- Population 8,419 (2010 Census)

Park Advertising Program


We are offering businesses the opportunity to advertise your company on one or multiple fences at our Ball Parks or City Dog Park. These parks receive numerous visitors throughout the year and offer a great marketing area for you. 

The Banners, will be supplied by the business, must be 4'x8' and made from Alumacore, Coroplast, or a high quality vinyl material. The back portion of each sign must be white or light in color, with the face of the sign being of any color combination that the advertiser chooses.  

The business can purchase an advertising sign per field or on multiple fields for a discounted rate, with the option to choose from a one or two year commitment.  We are offering your business, two payment options which include payment in full or in two installments. With this purchase you will receive additional advertising on our sponsorship page on the City of Rice Lake Website.

The advertiser shall keep the sign(s) in good repair.  If, in the sole judgment of the Director of Community Services, any sign needs repair, the Director shall notify the advertiser and such sign will be repaired within 30 days, or the City may, at its option either remove the sign, with the cost to be charged to the advertiser.  The City of Rice Lake shall pay for any repairs caused by vandalism or malicious mischief.  

Lease Period will be for one or two years, from May 1st to subsequent April 30th. 

Fields and Parks Available for Signage:

* Tate Park        * Clanton Park          * City Dog Park 
      *Curtis                 *Marcon             (year long Viewing)
      *Stienert              *Gilbertson

Prices are as follows:


1 Field or Dog Park for 1 year  $150.00 or for 2 yrs. $225.00

2 Fields or Dog Park for 1 year $275.00 or for 2 yrs. $412.50

3 Fields or Dog Park for 1 year $375.00 or for 2 yrs. $562.50

4 Fields or Dog Park for 1 year $500.00 or for 2 yrs. $750.00

Payment in Full or Two Installments: 
                      First Payment Due by February 1st
                      Second Payment or Full Payment Due by April 1st


Rice Lake Community Services, Recreation Department
Recreation Coordinator - Jordan Grilley
326 S. Main Street

Rice Lake, Wisconsin  54868
Phone: (715) 234-9235
Fax: (715) 234-2101

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