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Reservable Shelters

The City of Rice Lake would like to welcome City Residents and Non- Residents to use the many shelters in our City Parks for their special events, parties, reunions, meetings, or what other fun activity you may have planned. Our shelters are on a first come first serve basis and may be reserved to guarantee your day of use. 

 * Shelters may be reserved Monday through Sunday, during normal park hours  (6:00 AM - 10:00 PM).
 * Reservations are for the Shelter only, and do not include surrounding areas in the park.  The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to schedule other     activities or events in the park. 
 * There is no fee to use our shelters but, we do request a donation to help in the maintenance and utilities for our parks. 

For More Information or to make a reservation, Please contact:

Rice Lake Community Services
Recreation Coordinator, Jordan Grilley


Narrows Park -   815 East Sawyer Street,          1 Shelter - Outlets, lights

City Veterans Park -  20 East Stout Street,         2 sided Shelter - Outlets, lights

Shudlick Park -  701 Hatten Ave,                         1 Shelter

Hunters Memorial Park - 1215 Linden Avenue   1 shelter with Kitchenette - Outlets, lights

Roux Park -1210 West Marshall Street                1 shelter

Veterans Park -1215 East Orchard Beach Lane, 2 Shelters

Moon Lake Park - 800 East South Street,             Shelter with Kitchen - Outlets, lights
(Only taking reservations for south side of shelter) 

Athletic Ball Fields:

Earl Clanton Memorial Ball Park,  (please see Athletic Field Weekend Use Policy)

Fred Tate Memorial Ball Park, (Please See Athletic Field Weekend Use Policy) 

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