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The Rice Lake Recreation Department will once again be offering adult co-ed volleyball leagues this coming winter on Wednesday evenings starting at 7 pm at the Rice Lake High School Gym.

Team entry fee will be $80.00 per team ( 100% pay-back).  Teams wishing to enter must turn in their entry form and entry fee to the Rice Lake Recreation Department no later than Wednesday January 24th @ noon.  The Recreation office is located in the Community Services Building (next to Marketplace Foods) at 326 S. Main St.  Hours are 7:30 – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

League will run from January 24, 2017 – March 28. Schedule will depend on number of teams that register...

League Rules:

  1. 12 Players on a roster. Must be 18 years old by start of first scheduled game.
  2. Six players on a team, but can start with four players.
  3. Whether you play with 4, 5, or 6 players, men cannot exceed number of women.
  4. Three games to 25, win by 2, cap at 28. Rally Scoring.
  5. Standings will be total of games.
  6. Forfeit 1st game after 5 minutes past scheduled starting time. Forfeit 2nd game after 10 minutes past scheduled starting time. Forfeit 3rd game after 15 minutes past scheduled starting time.
  1. Changes or additions on a team’s roster can be made during the first half of the season. Any additions must be reported to Parks and Rec office, or gym supervisor on game nights. During the second half of the season, changes can be made if a team loses a player from their roster due to injury, sickness, work restrictions or leaving the area.
  2. Keep language clean and appropriate
  3. All games played at the High School gymnasium.  The Rice Lake Area School is providing use of this gym free of charge, but mandates that the facility be properly supervised.  Accordingly, children less than 8 years of age must be supervised by an adult not involved in game action.  No food or drink allowed in gym. Activities other than the scheduled volleyball games will not be permitted.
  4. Nets will be set at the men’s height.
  5. All teams are expected to help in the setting up and taking down of nets and standards.
  6. To be eligible for tournament play, a player must have participated in a minimum of 2 matches.  Participants will sign in each week to assure all are eligible for the tournament.
(Please see below to download team entry form and league rules for the 2018 season)

For more information or to sign up your teams please contact:
Rice Lake Recreation Department
Jordan Grilley

Attached Document or File2018 League Entry Form  
Attached Document or File2018 League Rules  

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