Barron County, Wisconsin -- Population 8,419 (2010 Census)
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The Rice Lake Fire Department is a combination department made up of Career members and Paid-On-Call members.



The department is currently staffed with 13 sworn Career members, and 20 Paid-On-Call members, all working together to carry out the RLFD's mission statement.


Career Members

There are 12 Career members who are divided into two (2) crews and work 24-hour shifts.  The shift schedule is as follows:  24 hours on, 24 hours off, 24 hours on, 72 hours off, and then the schedule repeats itself.

Career members consist of the following ranks:

Fire Chief (1)

Captains (2)


Lieutenants (2)

Motor Pump Operators (4)

Firefighters (4)

The Fire Chief works a 40-hour work week.  In addition, he responds to incidents as he sees needed. 

Paid-On-Call Members (POC)

We currently have 20 POC members in Rice Lake.  POC members are paid for a miniumum of 2 hours for each call they respond to and then for each hour after that.  POC members carry pagers and are paged to structure fires, grass/wildland fires, hazmat incidents, chimney fires, and at any other time extra help is required.


Training is done at least once per month on the first Wednesday of each month for all Career and POC members.  Additional training is carried out as needed.

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