2023-2024 OPEN GYM

 (Closed Sun, Dec 24th and Sun, Dec 31st)

Runs through March 17th, 2024 

Youth and Family

8th grade and Under
Saturday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sunday 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Recreation Center
Tainter Elementary School Gymnasium 
2201 Carrie Avenue



Providing a variety of physical activities to our youth! 

 Two gyms for a variety of play


We encourage adaptive recreation and welcome 

anyone with cognitive or physical disabilities. 

For more information, please contact:
City of Rice Lake
Recreation Department



 * All participants must sign in before participating.

Participants must have a parents name and contact information when they sign in.

If no information is provided, they cannot participate.


* No food or beverages in gym *

* No cursing or physical altercations allowed. A warning will be granted in certain situations, but continued use will result in permanent 
   expulsion from open gym activities

* No alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, firearms or offensive conduct/language on the facility property

* Children 6 years and under shall be accompanied by an adult

* Participants shall be considerate of others using the facility

* No organized practices or games are allowed. Open play only

* All participants must remain in the gyms at all time, unless to use restrooms. No balls or other equipment can leave the gym

* All hoops must remain at 10ft ( NO EXCEPTIONS ) – school requested rule

* No one can enter locker room except for gym supervisor

* Music is allowed, but must be age appropriate. No profanity or sexual innuendo allowed


*City of Rice Lake and Rice Lake Area School District shall not be responsible for personal injuries or damage to participants’ property resulting from activities at the facility