City Departments

Provides administration of overall city operations, elections, licensing, municipal courttax collections, public records and other duties.  Provides community planning, assessing, inspections and permits.

Curt Snyder, MPA, ICMA-CM
City Administrator
City Hall, 30 East Eau Claire Street
Phone: 715-234-3454
Kathleen V. Morse, MMC/CMTW/WCPC
City Clerk-Treasurer
City Hall, 30 East Eau Claire Street
Phone:  715-234-7089
Bill Koepp, Contracted Building Inspector
City Hall, 30 East Eau Claire Street
Phone: 715-296-8866
Associated Appraisal Consultants-Walt Hughes
Phone: 920-749-1995


Community Media
Public Access Channel:  Provides local community programming via the Public Access Community Channel.

Click here for "on demand" viewing of Rice Lake public access programs, including Council meetings.

James Wyngaard, Executive Director
325 North Main Street
Phone: 715-234-8077

Community Services
Provides the maintenance and repair of streets, alleys, public parking lots, storm sewer, sidewalks and vehicular bridges.  Provides active and passive recreational opportunities and the maintenance of municipal parks and cemeteries

Jim Anderson, Community Services Director
910 South Wisconsin Avenue
Phone: 715-234-7402

Provides fire suppression, inspections, prevention, and investigations; emergency medical services, hazardous materials reponses and rescue services.

Mike Hover, Fire Chief
34 South Wilson Avenue
Phone: 715-234-2119

Provides public safety utilizing community responsive law enforcement techniques, including: criminal investigations, drug and alcohol enforcement, parking enforcement, bicycle patrol, canine and school crossing guard programs.

Steve Roux, Police Chief
34 South Wilson Avenue
Phone: 715-234-1500

Public Library
Provides informational, cultural and recreational services.

Rachel Thomas, Library Director
2 East Marshall Street
Phone: 715-234-4861

Regional Airport
Provides air transportation services managed by a FBO.

Rice Lake Regional Airport
1872 14 1/2 Avenue, Cameron
Phone: 715-458-4401
Jim Anderson, Airport Coordinator
910 South Wisconsin Avenue
Phone: 715-234-7402