Open Burning

A.  Open burning in the City of Rice Lake is prohibited except for recreational campfires, unless a Burning Permit is obtained as specified in section (B) below.  Recreational campfire regulations are set forth in section (C).

B.  Burning Permit Application

1. The application for such permit shall describe the premises on which the grass, brush, weeds, leaves, or other vegetation is to be burned.  The Fire Department shall examine said premises and, after a determination that the weather elements and the nature of the premises present no unreasonable danger, the Fire Department may issue a permit valid up to 9:00 p.m. on the specified day.

2) By making such application, applicant agrees to be responsible for all damages caused by said fire.  The applicant further releases the City of Rice Lake and all its departments and employees, including the Rice Lake Fire Department, from any and all liability in the permitting process or issuance.  The applicant shall properly and continuously attend, manage and control such fire and shall have adequate means of prompt extinguishment readily at hand.

3) The fire Department shall file with the City Clerk-Treasurer a duplicate of any permit, together with the application therefore.

4) The application fee for the Burning Permit shall be as set forth in the annual budget document of the City of Rice Lake.

C.  Recreational Camp Fires

1) There must be a non-combustible outdoor fire ring set above ground no higher than 18" and no larger than 36" in diameter or at or below ground level no larger than 36" in diameter.

2) The campfire/fire pit area must be kept clear of combustible vegetation and debris.

3) The campfire/fire pit area must be a minimum of 15 feet from any structure and a minimum of 50 feet from any flammable or combustible liquid storage container.

4) The fire must be properly and thoroughly extinguished before leaving unattended.

5) If the campfire/fire pit causes a smoke nuisance, health or safety hazard, in the judgment of the Fire or Police Department, the fire may be ordered extinguished immediately.

6) Burning of any material other than clean, dry wood is prohibited.  Burning of treated wood is prohibited.  Burning during periods when the Fire Department has issued a burn ban is prohibited.

7) Portable Campfire Kettles may suffice for the pit herein, but the use thereof must otherwise comply with the regulations herein.

D. Penalties.  Violations of this section are punishable under the General Penal section §1-20.