Fire Prevention & Safety Programs

In an effort to reduce the impacts of fire and accidents in the community and to better prepare the public to react to an emergency, the City of Rice Lake Fire Department conducts a number of proactive educational and prevention programs.  A number of these programs are described below.


Fire and Safety Inspections

The City of Rice Lake Fire Department is responsible for conducting on-site fire inspections to address such issues as fire hazards, testing of private fire protection systems, exiting, special events and storage/process safety issues.  

Public Educational Programs   (please call 715-234-2119)

The City of Rice Lake Fire Department provides a number of educational opportunities for both the general public and businesses for which the department provides protection.  These programs include:

  • Practical fire extinguisher training sessions for various businesses.
  • Participation in National Night Out.
  • Participation in various children's safety fairs.
  • Utilization of a department-owned fire safety educational trailer at the safety fairs, county fair, bike rodeo, and for 3rd grade students in the Rice Lake Schools.
  • Participation in fire prevention week activities which include:  1) distribution of fire prevention materials to the community and the Rice Lake School District 2) "Change Your Clock-Change Your Battery" campaign and 3) Annual Coldwell Banker poster coloring contest.
  • The City of Rice Lake Fire Department and Rice Lake Professional Firefighters Association Local 1793, in conjunction and cooperation with the City of Rice Lake Police Department present educational training programs regarding the consequences of alcohol consumption and driving.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Information

The Rice Lake Fire Department responds to many calls for carbon monoxide alarms sounding. Most of these alarms are due to malfunction, improper installation, or overly sensitive alarms. However, we have also found situations where there has been a build up of carbon monoxide that could become life threatening if not detected.

Please do not hesitate to call 911 so we can assure the safety of you and your loved ones.