Enhanced 911

Enhanced 911 service is available for every household within Barron County.  This valuable tool identifies the caller’s address, name, and telephone number, even if the caller is unable to provide the information.  Effective midnight on 1/4/06, all 911 calls will be answered by the Barron County Sheriff's Department Communications Center.


When do I call 911?

Please reserve 911 phone lines for crimes in progress or actual life threatening situations requiring immediate police, fire, or ambulance services.  Once you have determined the situation requires immediate action to preserve life or property, dial 911.


Call 911


Ø          To get help for someone who is hurt

Ø          If you see someone hurting someone else

Ø          If you smell smoke or see fire

Ø          If you see property being destroyed or taken


Never call 911 as a joke, to ask for information, or just to see if it works.


If you require assistance, but not immediate action, please dial the non-emergency line for Rice Lake Police Department, 715-234-2116.


Listen to the Telecommunicator

When dialing 911, you may be asked several questions, even when calling for an ambulance.  Once the telecommunicator has enough information, the appropriate emergency units will be dispatched.


The telecommunicators use the Emergency Medical Dispatch System (EMD) to determine what level of response is needed for the ambulance.  This involves asking specific pre-scripted questions in a specific order.  The information gathered is relayed to responding personnel so they are better prepared to handle your emergency.


When Seconds Count

Post your address near the phone.  In an emergency, this will assist the caller in quickly providing the correct address.


In addition, your address should be visible from the road for responding units.  It should be noted whether you live in the City of Rice Lake, or the County of Barron.  The United States Post Office requires your street address to be on curbside mailboxes.