Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Services Department is to provide the public with safe, cost effective management, maintenance, repair, and construction for the City's parks, vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian, and air transportation system, while sustaining the environment by using an environmental and eco-friendly approach to storm sewer and solid waste management, along with the management of the right-of-ways to insure safe, effective, and efficient use for private and public utility purposes.

Mission critical duties include:

  • Provide oversight and coordination of airport activities with the City/Airport Committee.
  • Provide direction and management for the city's Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries.
  • Administration of the regulations for the solid waste and demolition collection and disposal activities along with electronic and waste oil recycling.
  • Insure conformance of the Code requirements regarding storm sewer, sidewalk, curb, and right of way complaints.
  • Regulating and managing the use of the City’s right-of-ways for utility purposes.
  • Insure compliance with the DNR issued MS4 permit, and provide management, labor, and equipment for the Storm Water Utility.
  • Provide direction and oversight of engineering.
  • Administration of the regulation of the Long Grass/Noxious Weed Ordinances.
  • Tree City USA program vegetation planting/maintenance.
  • Perpetual care of grave sites, grave lot sales and record management.
  • Providing of facilities for recreational programs, supervisors, registration assistance, promotional assistance, and other support services for community recreational programs in coordination with local associations.
  • Implementation of the departments (yearly) 18 Maintenance Contracts.Provide assistance to the City Administrator with the Capital Improvement Plan.Insuring the city is in compliance with “Uniform Traffic Control Standards.”Submittal of Grant applications for STP, HSIP, LRIP, SRTS, Local Bridge, and Connecting Highway grants when applicable.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Community Services Department is to strengthen our role as a recognized leader in the delivery of public services; known for our responsiveness, reliability, good stewardship of fiscal and human resources, and caring attention given to the community.