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Barron County Hazardous Materials Team

What is the Barron County Level "B" Hazardous Materials Response Team?

The Barron County Hazardous Materials Response Team (HMRT) is a Level "B" team designated by the State of Wisconsin to provide assistance in hazardous material emergencies.  The team is comprised of personnel from the City of Rice Lake Fire Department.

How Does HMRT Work?

The HMRT may be activiated for any incident involving a hazardous materials release, leak, explosion, injury or potential of immediate threat to life, the enviornment, or property.

When do You Call?

  • Unidentified product
  • Dangerous product
  • People exposed
  • Danger to the enviroment

The HMRT may offer assistance ranging from telephone advice, response of an assessment team to a full Level "B" response. 

What are the Responsibilities of the Local Jurisdiction?

The local jurisdiction is responsible for the overall managment of the incident.  This responsiblity includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Ambulance and EMS personnel on scene
  • Evacuations, if necessary
  • Fire-related activities
  • Liaison with HMRT
  • Mutual Aid
  • Scene security
  • Staffing
  • Traffic Control

What Can You Expect From the HMRT

  • Advice on immediate actions
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Trained responders to deal with the release
  • Liaison with local jurisdiction
  • Hazardous Materials Response Unit

The HMRT will bring all the necessary equipment to secure the release site and begin operations.  The HMRT will also bring portable radios, computer with CAMEO software, fax, cellular phone, resource materials, chemical protective equipment, and decontamination equipment.  The HMRT will NOT bring fire apparatus or fire fighting equipment.

Getting ready for a Hazmat training session

Pictures of Hazmat team

These are some pictures taken during one of the Barron County Level "B" Hazardous Materials Response Team's training sessions.