Rice Lake Sport Associations

Below you will find both youth and adult sports leagues that are offered in the City of Rice Lake. The associations listed below have all been officially recognized by the Parks, Recreation, and Cemeteries Board and are aided by the Rice Lake Parks and Recreation department. All associations however do operate independently from the City of Rice Lake. Clicking on each association will bring you to their official website/Facebook page. There you can find all league information, including registration instructions. 


Rice Lake Youth Soccer Association - Fall Season & Spring Season


Boys Basketball League of Rice Lake - Winter Season


Rice Lake Girls Basketball League - Late Fall/Winter season


Rice Lake Youth Baseball - Spring/Summer Season


Rice Lake Girls Fastpitch Softball - Spring/Summer Season


Rice Lake Youth Volleyball - Late Winter/Spring Season


Rice Lake Junior Football - Late Summer/Fall Season


Rice Lake Youth Wrestling Club - Winter Season


Rice Lake Men's Flag Football - Fall Season


Rice Lake Slowpitch Association - Late Spring/Summer Season

(Rice Lake Slowpitch Softball Facebook page)


Rice Lake Men's Basketball League - Fall/Winter Season


Rice Lake Pickleball Association - All year opportunities


 Rice Lake Model Airplane Club- Winter Season