We Have a Little Emergency (WHALE)

WHALE Project

The Rice Lake Police Department supports the “We Have a Little Emergency” (WHALE) program.  WHALE is a child safety seat occupant identification program sponsored by the Wisconsin Hospital Partners Association in cooperation with the Wisconsin Health and Hospital Association.  Connie Day, a child caregiver in Richmond, Virginia, developed the concept when she wondered who would identify the children in her care if she were to become incapacitated.


The WHALE kit contains WHALE stickers, which are to be placed on the sides of car safety seats and rear side windows of your vehicle.  These valuable stickers alert rescue workers trained in the program to look for an emergency medical-emergency contact information sticker, containing life-saving information about your child.


Your participation will cost you only a few minutes of time to complete and affix the medical-emergency contact information sticker, and the WHALE stickers to the child safety seat, and to your vehicle.  It all depends on you -- parents, grandparents, other relatives, and family friends.  We hope you will join us and encourage others to participate in this worthwhile cause!


Kits are available at the Rice Lake Police Department.